1/12 to 1/8 inch


Light to dark brown

Nests are typically located in moist soil next to or under buildings, along sidewalks, or beneath boards and plants, and they are usually near sources of both water and food. Occasionally these ants may nest within a structure or other locations not typically considered soil related, such as under a bathtub set above a slab-on-grade foundation, under the cracks or expansion joints of slabs, under insulation in an exterior wall void, and in potted plants or flower boxes.

Argentine ants deposit trails continuously, instead of just from nest to food source. This habit ensures they do not waste time visiting the same area for food. They prefer to eat sweets but they will eat almost anything including meats, eggs, oils and fats.

Argentine ants prefer sweet foods principally sugars, syrup, fruit juices, secretions of plants, and honeydew. Worker forage for food along regular paths extending out from the nest and branching out to explore every portion of an area. Foragers may enter houses in large numbers, particularly when condition outside the building become too wet or too dry.

Argentine ants do not pose a health threat, but they can contaminate food

Argentine Ants Prevention Tips

  • Use Pea-gravel instead of organic material for mulch. Argentine ants prefer organic materials, large pine bark and other such objects under which they will hide or colonize.
  • Make sure that no tree limbs are any closer than five feet from roof, trim other shrubs cut back (at least 2 foot clearance) from the house.
  • Remove any objects e.g. boards, construction materials etc. Under which Argentine ants might try to colonize or hide.
  • Make sure that there are no cracks or little openings around the bottom of your house.
  • Make sure that firewood and building materials are not stored next to your home. Pests like to build nests in stacks of wood.
  • Do not allow excessive watering of lawns and flower beds create more moist conditions which is more favorable condition for argentine ants.

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