¾" to 1".


Dull black to black with bright yellow markings to iridescent blue-black.

Construct nests of mud, especially on porches, decks, sheds, eaves, attics, ceilings, walls and under roof overhangs around homes and other structures where people live, work and play.

Mud daubers are often seen at the edge of mud puddles collecting mud to construct their tubular nests. Organpipe mud dauber nests are partitioned off with mud and each cell is provisioned with several paralyzed spiders and implanted with an egg. After eggs hatch, larvae feed on captured spiders with larvae maturing in about three weeks. Larvae spin a cocoon and overwinter. Males may guard the nest while the female forages. Mud cells may be constructed in deserted nests of the black and yellow mud dauber. Female black and yellow mud daubers paralyze spiders, pack them into the cell with their head until full, lay one egg and seal the cell. Larvae are pale yellowish about 3/4 inch long when fully grown. Pupation occurs within a cocoon inside the cell. There are two broods with hibernation in the cocoon. Female blue mud daubers take over a mud nest; open a cell by moistening the clay with water and emptying it of spiders and the other wasp egg. They then deposit their own paralyzed spiders, lay their own egg and seal over the cell. Hosts are mostly black widow spiders.

Spiders , Caterpillars.

Mud daubers (Sphecidae) and potter or mason wasps (Eumeninae) are solitary wasp species; although capable of stinging, they are rarely aggressive. Mud dauber nests can be a nuisance in garages, under eaves and in other buildings.

Mud Dauber Wasp Prevention Tips

  • Habitat modification to reduce the attractiveness of an area to spiders, which are the major prey of mud daubers, is one means of reducing mud dauber activity. This would include caulking or plastering cracks where spiders could live or hide and regularly removing webs in corners and crevices.
  • Manual removal of nests may discourage mud daubers as well as reduce later generations. Also, screening or caulking of any openings that may allow access into buildings will prevent nesting in these areas.

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