length of 0.25–0.50 in (6.4–12.7 mm) with front legs about 1.75–1.94 in (45–50 mm) long.


Grayish brown or tan in color, and very long, somewhat translucent, skinny legs.

Cellar spiders are usually found in dark corners of cellars, basements, crawl spaces, barns, garages and warehouses.

Web (also called "net") is large, irregularly arched construction that looks similar to canopy. The spider resides on lower side hanging upside down within web. When disturbed, it will shake web violently. Anything that touches net is attacked and taken for prey, if it is not too large. Uses net as means of camouflage by whirling its body around with legs firmly attached to net. If it accidentally falls from web, it runs in a wobbly fashion, so as not to be seen easily. Once web becomes old and unusable, it constructs additional webbing attached to old web. Enemies are birds, wasps, and humans.

Predator and carnivore, eating almost any kind of insect or bug. Eats moths, mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and beetles that have become entangled in silky web. Will invade spiders' webs, attack resident spider like black widow and brown recluse.

It is said that the venom of this spider is one of the most poisonous. Since the fangs of these spiders are too small to penetrate the skin, it is not considered a dangerous spider. Many spiders use their venom to kill their prey but the poison of almost all of them is harmless to humans.

Cellar Spider Prevention Tips:

  • Spider control efforts should include regular removal of cellar spiders with a vacuum, brush or broom helps limit their numbers.
  • Seal cracks and holes in your home’s exterior and install tight-fitting screens in foundation and attic vents.
  • Keep areas around home foundation free of clutter.
  • Keeping garage doors and commercial overhead doors closed to exclude flying insects that serve as spiders food.
  • Remove spider webs from the exterior of the house with a broom or high pressure hose.

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