3/8” (10 mm)


Dark gray and black with golden hairs on abdomen.

Upper rooms, attics or window frames. They will also frequently be found outside buildings on warm sunny days, particularly on the south and east walls which have been warmed by the sun most of the day.

Unlike house flies, cluster flies fold one wing over the other when at rest. They are also much more sluggish in their movement and fly much more slowly. In the fall, adults congregate in the voids of house, particularly in the walls. They can enter through any number of small openings. Therefore good screens are often of little value in excluding them. On warm days during the winter, or the beginning of spring, they leave these voids in large numbers and are frequently trapped inside the building.

Newly hatched larvae enter the bodies of certain earthworms, where they develop for 11 to 14 days. Adult: On flowers in warm weather; inside buildings during fall and spring, especially in attics and wall voids.

May stain walls, curtains, and clothes in which they hide.

Cluster Fly Prevention Tips

  • Sealing cracks and other opening (particularly on the south and east walls which have been warmed by the sun most of the day) through which the flies can enter from the outside may also have merit as a preventative measure.
  • Check the soffit vents and any gable vents or turbine vents on the roof.
  • Be sure that all foundation and attic vents have tight-fitting screens

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