1/8-inch to 1/2-inch long


Adults are humpbacked, brown, black, orange, or gray, lack a long beak (proboscis), and males have very feathery antennae

Non-biting midges are found near lakes, ponds or streams Biting midge: Found in almost any aquatic or semi-aquatic habitat throughout the world

Occasionally during April, May, and June, homeowners become alarmed by large swarms of gnat-like insects sometimes confused with mosquitoes. These non-biting midges are found near lakes, ponds or streams and may "dance" in swarms over the water, inciting fish to jump. Most occur in huge swarms or small compact mating swarms, and a "humming" can be heard over a considerable distance. After sunset, adults become active and fly to night-lights, entering structures through the slightest of openings. Piles of eight to twelve inches of dead midges may accumulate in unwanted places.

suck blood from humans, mammals, reptiles, and other insects

suck blood from humans, mammals, reptiles, and other insects. Bites can cause itching and, in sensitive individuals, welts and lesions that can persist for several days. Other species transmit diseases.

Midges Prevention Tips

  • Check stagnant, polluted water accumulating in bird baths, clogged rain gutters, water-holding tree stumps, flower pots, old tires, etc
  • Houses and buildings with outside lighting will attract large numbers of non-biting midges. Move light away from sensitive areas such as doorways, windows, patios, etc. Avoid the use of unnecessary lights until 45 minutes after sundown since 90 percent or more of flight activity takes place before that time. By replacing a 100-Watt mercury vapor light (ultraviolet energy) with a 50-Watt high-pressure sodium vapor light, midge concentrations are significantly reduced. (Lights least attractive to insects are sodium vapor or halogen with pink, yellow or orange tints and dichrom yellow bulbs.)

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