Small flies 1/8-inch in length.


Tan brown with black eyes; small head; a severely arched (humpbacked) thorax when viewed from the side.

  • Are found in sewage contaminated soil, garbage, drains, human cadavers, rotting vegetables and fruit, garbage as well as damp organic materials.
  • The phorid fly can be found breeding wherever moisture exists, such as around plumbing and drains in bathrooms and kitchen areas, garbage containers, crawl spaces and basements.

Adults phorid flies are most active during the warmer months of the year, but can be active during the winter months. A key indentifying trait is that the adult Phorid fly has a distinctive habit of running rapidly across surfaces instead of immediately flying when disturbed. Most flies immediately take flight. The most prominent feature of this fly is the humpbacked shape of its thorax. The severe arch of the thorax gives it the common nickname of humpbacked fly.

Some species feed on fungi, while others are parasites of various insects.

Phorid Fly or Hump Backed fly Prevention Tips

  • All small cracks and crevices at floor level need to be inspected and thoroughly cleaned. Use a small spatula or knife to scrape any debris from inside the cracks and crevices for inspection of live larvae.
  • Flies are not always breeding near where they are found. Because they can fly, the breeding source can be located in another area. Check nearby dumpsters, outdoor garbage cans or even damp compost piles where fruits and vegetables are disposed.
  • Clean trash containers regularly.
  • Drain line breaks under slabs or in crawlspaces can result in huge phorid fly populations in homes, restaurants, or other buildings. so check drain breaks beneath a slab floor. If flies are found to be breeding under the slab, the slab will need to be broken open and the drain line repaired. If the wet, contaminated soil is not removed and replaced with fresh, dry soil.

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